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SITP Shakespeare in the Park, quilt pattern by Judy Martin
WAYWO  What are you working on?
BOM Block Of the Month

BTW By The Way
DD Dear (Darling) Daughter

DDIL Dear (Darling) Daugher-In-Law

DGD Dear (Darling) GrandDaughter
DGS Dear (Darling) GrandSon

DH Dear (Darling) Husband

DSM Domestic Sewing Machine (home sewing machine, not longarm)

DWR Double Wedding Ring (quilt pattern)

EQ Electric Quilt (a software package for designing quilts)
GFG--Grandmother's Flower Garden

HST Half-Square Triangle

IMHO In My Humble Opinion

LOL Lots Of Laughter / Laugh Out Loud

LQS Local Quilt Shop

MAM Mile-A-Minute (a modern version of crazy quilt block)

OTOH On The Other Hand

 PIGS --Project In Grocery Sack

QST Quarter Square Triangle

ROFL Rolling On the Floor Laughing

ROFLOL Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud

SBS--Sunbonnet Sue

TY Thank You

UFO UnFinished Object

WHIMM Work Hidden In My Mind

WIP Work In Progress

WOMBAT Waste Of Material, Batting, And Time

We were green before it was even popular! Our mission is to use what we have, finish what we started, and not buy needlessly!  Go Green!  Recycle a PIG!